Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

O Rudolph, O Rudolph

This song was created for Game of Bands round 158 : "Holidays II"


‘Twas near time for takeoff
When Rudolph awoke.
He heard the sleigh loading
But the lock, it was broke.

The barn door to his bedroom
Was soundly locked shut
He yelled and he pounded
His hooves scraped, getting cut

He started to panic
As he heard them tying gifts down
How could they leave here without him?
Don't they hear him yell, hear him pound?

He heard them ready for takeoff
And a deeper dread, it set in
Then he heard someone say "Onward!" -
And it sounded like him?

So he backed up to the rear wall
And rushed towards the door.
The force of it smashing
The barn's wood to the floor!

Panting he emerged,
The sleigh team turned to him scared
For the very first time ever,
The truth, it was bared :

At the front of the team
Leading Santa and elves
Was a reindeer with a red nose;
Younger version of himself.

Hyaah! (Whip crack) The sleigh launched with a great HoHoHo
And stunned, confused Rudolph
Stood alone in the snow.

He stood there for hours
Trying to figure it
Floorplan of the North Pole
Their prepatory route..?

Then he remembered the workshop,
In the back a small door.
He was told never to look there
Not allowed to ask what it's for

So there he went promptly
The empty shop was now bare
The door it was padlocked,
And he angrily stared

Then with a wail and a great heave
His hooves smashed off the lock
And what he saw through there
It made his jaw drop

A medical laboratory
With tubes, bottles,and guages
And he saw versions of himself
At various ages.

Lined up there sleeping a baby, teenager, and one of him old.
Dying in a bedside,
Shivering cold.

He knelt by the bedside
The old reindeer looked on:
"You weren't supposed to see this
No one was to let on."

But then he looked sideways
And saw a room next to this
"No!", Yelled old Rudolph
But he could not resist

And then Rudolph saw
That he wasn't alone...
There were young and old Santas,
All of them clones.

"No one lives forever,
Even Jolly St Nick.",
Did say the old Rudolph,
Coughing, so sick.

And in that room was a trap door
Which Rudolph then flipped
And he went down the stairway
And into a crypt

Going back centuries
A hall with thousands of tombs
And realized the eternity
Of their endless task doom

For what brought joy to millions
Now he found the proof
A Sysiphisian Nightmare
He cried at the truth

Slaves here forever
He saw it firsthand
The presents of Christmas
were produced by the Damned


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