Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!


This song was created for Game of Bands round 159 : "Resolutions"


Sing a song of troubled times
Write the truth of all my crimes
Leave them all inside a year
Dust and ashed left behind
and the pieces of myself are reassembled
Make me new again
and the hope this time has brough
it takes me over
Make new again
in resolutions

So strip me of my pride
and give me a new name
along a voideed fight
I'll never be the same
this time I'll get it right
and left me up again

and the pieces of myself are reassembeled
I'm made new again
and the hope this time has brought
it takes me over
make me new again

Opened eyes
I see a new light
in hope inside
now shed a new light
I clean up broken dreams
for I will dream anew
and I can only hope
hope thew same for you

Just like hunger is the greatest spice
Hope will open up my life
to move upone the things I feared before
and freedome thats within my mind
will put to use the strength I find
its time for me to open up the door
of resolutions


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