Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Late in the Year

This song was created for Game of Bands round 159 : "Resolutions"


Late in the Year
Just because a song will end
Doesn't mean we can't sing it

Sooner or later, an eternal song
True love will bring it

Don't you give up on you, Don't you go back to her
You must resolve to be new, This is a new year

The fear of drowning
shouldn't cause a fear of the sea
You don't need to stand tall,
just don't bend the knee

Right now, I'm making myself strong
I can't be the mess that I used to be
This day I'll be the good guy
and not just bruised debris

We all think we have found the one,
but there's nobody that will fit it all
True love's the one that will survive,
it runs, it walks, and then it crawls
I now must just stay afloat
It's on me whom I now need to dote
Writing out this tiny little note
A future me will see just what I wrote...what I wrote....


Sitting by myself, silent
Trying, to find a guarantee
Look, I'm not violent...
I will rescue me....

There are songs that, we can't hear
these songs - will end....
Closure or a Godsend?


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