Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!


This song was created for Game of Bands round 160 : "Mute Inspiration"



Uh Uh, go!

-Timmy? Timmy!
-I told you not to listen to your satanic music
-Yeah, yeah, ok
-We're gonna eat soon
-I'm not hungry
-Come set the table!
-Ok, in a minute

Childhood accident took his voice away
His Amish upbringing,
Parents won't allow surgery
Now he won't, won't ever speak, - it's gone -
No No No - So Leo grows up and goes
Making his new life, alone

Now he's bartending in Berlin...

Two thousand thirty five, the year
Struggles hard to survive, the sneers!!!

-Timmy! I told you to come down!
-Yeah, I'm coming
-Are you still listening to this shit?
-Language, mom!
-I talk the way I want in MY house
-You come down, now

A girl,
he cares,
he shows
the strength they share

Now he beats a drunk customer,
So his boss sends him home,
Naadirah has a confession, but the custom bed is now done
They lay down, together, in the carved bed that he made!

He wakes, she's gone away someplace
Please it can't be, what he fears!

Cactus Bill and daughter Josie, need American passports....
Leo draws Josie a bear and cub
Mute Leo's trying to search with hope...
His job now sacrificed , pursuit!
Leo's seeing the truth!
Desperate prostitution, more
Naadirah's mother shows photos
And he sees - Josie's - Naadirah's only daughter!
Bill is injured, a fight at home
Leo comes in,
Searching for his love,
Opens a door, and finds Naadirah is dead

Now he knows' it he knows it,
Leo's knocked out, and Bill is now dead
when he comes to his voice is now fixed
Bills partner put in a robotic larynx
Leo Grabs Bill's daughter Josie, and he makes their escape
Living safely with grandma, a new life they make


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