Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!


This song was created for Game of Bands round 161 : "Video Games III"


And now she's gone again,
spellbound by the beast.
Am I the hero meant to save her?
Duty calls me to the east.
With heavy sword and shadow,
and a whisper in my head.
Six crystals to recover,
and then I'll put this beast to bed.

It follows me in the broad daylight,
and crawls the walls down in the dark.
It knows my each and every movement.
It can see inside my heart.
It's a raincloud on my lack of judgement
It wants nothing more than to ground my spark
and I know nothing...

I blunder 'cross the desert
cut through forest, over plains.
Fair maiden, I'll be there soon
If it pleases you - my pain.
"It sounds a bit like righteousness"
- that old familiar voice.
Yeah, it feels so common, this whole story,
but did I ever have a choice?

When you dragged me around by the ankles,
I still stood guard for you at night.
Could you just take the time to listen?
Cause we don't need this final fight.
How many times must you save her?
When she just jumps back to trouble's arms.
You know nothing,
so I know you will...

The final golden palace stands before us.
I've come to far to turn back now.
and if we have to do it all again
I'll be starting right about now.

Well I tried to wash away that dust haze,
and I tried to bring you down to earth.
One more step towards that futile conquest,
And I can promise this is going to hurt.
I can promise this is going to hurt.


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