Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Here on the Farm

This song was created for Game of Bands round 168 : "Songs for Kids"


Gooooood morning, or a cockadoodledoo, to you! I'm Rooster, and I'd love you to meet all my friends here on the farm!
Come spend the day with us, and see what we learn!
I have great, big spots, and love to say, "Moo!".
A big pink udder, that gives milk to you!
I have a big mouth, that loves to chew.
I'm a cow, nice to meet you!
I have a long mane, and love to say, "Neigh!".
A nice, strong back you can ride all day!
I like to eat apples, and sugar cubes.
I'm a horse, nice to meet you!
I have itchy wool, and love to say, "Baa!".
I make clothes that keep you nice and warm.
I feel safe with my herd, and stay in a group.
I'm a sheep, nice to meet you!
I have a curly tail, and love to say, "Oink!".
I play in the mud, and you're welcome to join.
My snout has a knack for finding mushrooms.
I'm a pig, nice to meet you!
We're all from the farm, and it's time to say, "Bye!"
We'd love you to stay, but it's turning night.
We had a blast getting to meet you,
next time bring a friend or two!


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