Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Face of the Masters

This song was created for Game of Bands round 170 : "Political"


A life designed
to make us choke.
To keep us braced,
to fight ourselves.
Grow non-benign,
and seal their throats,
We teeth outnumber
the royal mouths!

Become the cavity! (Infect their construct!)
Be done with the elite! (Abcess the corrupt!)
Bite the tongue that speaks! (Let them taste blood!)]

We grind for, and feed them.
My God, aren't they lethargic?
Should bind them up, and eat them.
By God, that's patriotic!

They leave us blind,
and seed false hope.
They keep us maced,
despite our help.
Gouge out their eyes,
and seal the holes,
Leave them to feel
for their own way out!

Become the cataract! (Smoke out their conned-front!)
Bleed out the eyes of greed! (God bless our distrust!)
Eyeless the ones who lead! (Let them face blood!)
Let them taste blood!


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