Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!


This song was created for Game of Bands round 171 : "Elements Part 1 - Earth"


Dirt, metal, crag and rust Gives me a case of wanderlust
Rocks and apples, gardens, pears Beauty shown beyond compare
Magma, veggies, bushes, slate This planet sure is great
Trees, grass, flowers, pebbles Still there's something leaving me unsettled

We used to say a lot Now we only say a little
We used to live on purpose Now it's only incidental
Born from the dust We'll return when we splat
When the dirt fills our lungs From this Earth that is flat

Why aren' t we shouting from the rooftops
To the edge of the earth
That we've been getting lied to From our moment of birth
Taught by schools and scientologists That we live on a sphere
Just spreading propaganda And creating false fear

We used to say a globe Now we know its more a pancake
We used to think we'd roll on Now we know this disc would just break
Born from the dust We'll return when we splat
When the dirt fills our lungs On this giant turtle's back

Why is it impossible we live on tortoise shells
Why is it so hard to believe we're apart of somebody else
Just a flat disc on a turtle in the middle of an ancient giant's dream
Who works at a video game factory creating entertainment from what he's seen
Entertainment that got stolen by a peer and turned into a book
A book that inspired movies and shows and songs with really cool hooks
Songs that would be listened to by the original giant while he cried
And thought about the world he made as he cuddled with his pet turtle Bruce


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