Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!


This song was created for Game of Bands round 174 : "Elements Part 4 - Water"


I'll never drown
The water treats my skin so gently
Though I'm sinking down
My eyes are shut, my lungs not hungry

The surface fades away
But there's beauty in the shade and darkness
Nothing left to say
Now's no time for careless voices

My cares are far above
Under chilling lights from a foreign sun

Waterlogged, I'm weighed down
But I've never felt so free
Down here where there's no need for company
I'm just happily waterlogged

Pressure on my chest
My lifeline's cut, the bonds are severed
Not the bottom yet
I could keep falling down forever

Farther down I sink
But I feel my thoughts begin to rise up
Nothing more to think
No pleading or apologizing

My cares are far above
Though my clothes are soaked, I'm not quite yet so

The current pulls me down
And I could use a breath
The pressure builds, but I'll survive if I come crashing down
So maybe I'm waterlogged
But at least it's an embrace that I don't have to fake
Down here there is no need for company
I'm oh so gladly waterlogged
Feel free to change anything that doesn't fit with your rhythm, if you need a guide I can send a recording later


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