Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!


This song was created for Game of Bands round 174 : "Elements Part 4 - Water"


Verse 1

Softly she sings at the edge of the water
Pale skin dressed only in mist from the rain
Meeting your eyes as she beckons you closer
Lost in her song as it sweeps you away

Drawn step by step till the water surrounds you
No longer feeling your feet on the ground
All you can feel are her arms wrapped around you
Pulling you into the place where you'll drown


Misled by a siren's calling
The song that steals your breath
Misled by a voice so haunting
And down into the depths

Verse 2

Cruelly she smiles as her hands pull you under
Thrashing down into the cold, choking depths
No air to scream and nobody to hear you
Just you and her and the bones of the rest

Deeper and darker she drags you in farther
Down to a place where the light doesn't reach
And still she sings as the world fades around you
Lulling you into your last dreamless sleep




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