Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

The Heart of Man

This song was created for Game of Bands round 175 : "Elements Part 5 - Heart"


Oh father why?
Why did you kill that lion
I tell you to stop
But I get tired of tryin

Son the lion felt no pain
And its natural this way
These aren’t tears, it’s the rain
It’s really pouring hard today

Father, think of his children
How will they survive?
Its their habitat
They got the right to be alive

Son, stop your whining
A lions got no heart
They don’t know the concept of dying
And I’m just playing my part

They are cold blooded predators
They just live to kill
Just how they got their role
I also got mines to fill

What if they came after us?
What if they charged at me?
What if they attacked you?
Then I would never be free

So many feelings
Going round and round
They’re all from a heart
Yea someone’s heart

So many feelings
Falling on the ground
They’re all from a heart
Son, you're tearing me apart


And they go round and round
With the arguing
And the yelling and the fighting
Never end
What good is being right
If you have to pretend
That your fellow man
Is not your friend


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