Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

The Heart's the Tastiest Part

This song was created for Game of Bands round 175 : "Elements Part 5 - Heart"


Doomed holiday in the month of May.
Ran into you, you were the cutest thing.
Cut into my time, man I love talk
You seem uninterested, how does that feel?

Raw emotion when we met,
I can see, what’s in your head.
I can’t help, losing my cool.
Your essence makes me drool.

I wanna take you home, they would love you
But you seem nervous, I don’t wanna be rude.
Gather round the table, take a seat.
How come you hate it when I turn up the heat?

I hate the way that you talk,
But I follow when you walk.
And even though I’m weird, it’s true.
You’d die for me, I’d dine for you.

Our relationship had a spark, that ignited the flames.
Of unrequited love, that burns within my brain.
Love you....

The tour guide was a real nice guy,
He had to leave, girl don’t ask why.
If it’s something I should tear into,
Oh baby it should be you.

I get the feeling you don’t like me back,
Why are you on the attack?
I know this loves unconventional,
But lovin you’s unintentional.

Your eyes are blue, lips are red.
Makes me wanna be well fed.
Hair so fine, voice divine.
Slender form keeps me warm.

Of all the things inside my head,
Of course I’d never want you dead.
Some urges can’t be denied.
I want what you have kept inside.

God I want you (want you so bad)
Thought of you is (drivin me mad)
String you up (on a slow roast)
Your burning love (I want the most)

I hope that you’ll be worth all the trouble you have been.

Your love’s like a casserole,
I’d cook it up and eat it whole.
If on your thoughts I could dine,
They would taste purely divine.

Supple, tender skin,
I wish I could wrap myself in.
If I cut out your beating heart,
I’m sure it’d be the tastiest part.


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