Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Rock Team Alpha

This song was created for Game of Bands round 176 : "By Our Powers Combined"


Rock Team Alpha
(00:14) No one should sit still,
we are bringing all the chill
(00:19) Cause this beat is getting sick
Leavin my crib so we can kick it
(00:24) Everybody bring the noise
all the girls and all the boys
(00:31) put your hands up and shout
there's no-one to beat around

CHORUS [all parentheses are shouted multiple voices]
(00:36) Cause we are Rock Team Alpha (Rock Team Alpha!) [Second one shouted by multi people]
We're taking the world by storm
(00:41) No other groups (with those stupid loops!)
have the Talent to perform.
(00:46) Our incredible feats (such kickass beats)
Show our spectacular skill
(00:51) We hit the streets (hell no police)
With Audio licenses to kill
(00:56) Cause we got game (and twice the brain)
to wreck the other crews
(01:01) Alpha's the name (Rock Team Proclaims)
Hip Hop rhythm-ing the Blues

(01:07-01:15) Whooooooaaaahh!!!! (2 voices, Building up) [Musical Interlude - bass riff]
(01:16) HUH! [Like Kid Rock, at the hand claps]
(01:17) Cause they all playing dead
We're messing with your head
(01:22) no shame in losing to the best
from the east coast to west
(01:27) we are the ones that set the test
And as you guessed, we are doubly blessed
(01:32) No need for speed, we'll let it bleed
You're minds are freed in thoughts and deed
(01:37) So that's enough of us talking tough
We called your bluff and all that stuff
(01:42) The plot it thickens, records stricken,
our pulses quicken, while fryin chicken
(01:47) So quitcha bitchen need yall to pitch in
leave the kitchen and start groovin, twitchin
(01:52) MÈxico to Paris, we crashin all the parties
polishing the verses, on jack daniels and bacardis
(01:57) RÌo to Jamaica, pushing high the delta
we swing it in your casa, where you can gimme shelter
(02:02) We even have good manners, they say that we're bananas
They're buyin our bandannas, in Santa Ana and Atlanta
(02:07) Fireworks and all the lighters on
we ignite the dawn, cause as we warned, we won
(02:12) Everybody clap and sing, so the sting
of the thing we swing - seize the day we bring
(02:17) Fighting without weapons, the ninjas gotta step in
lotta time preppin for the image that we're reppin

CHORUS [all parentheses are shouted multiple voices]
(02:22-2:30) Alpha Rock, Alpha Rock, Rock Team Alpha, Alpha Rock!(2 voices, Building up) [Mixin] [Musical Interlude - bass riff]
(02:31) HUH! [or something like that, like last time, ala Kid Rock, at the hand claps]
(02:32) We are Rock Team Alpha (Rock Team Alpha!) [Second one shouted by multi people]
The ones that wear the crown
(02:27) We're triple rated (never gettin hated)
bringing chops that are all around
(02:32) Your pop is gonna like us (your mom is gonna love us)
Your kids, they want to be us (your grandma wants to kiss us)
(02:37) If you've already done it (then it ain't bragging)
You gotta know we won it (other team's hopes are sagging)
(02:42) People shout out loud (we the kings in town)
Word has got around (that Alpha pounds the sound)
(02:47) Victories to spare (getting paid with flair)
Others running scared (they never had a prayer)
(02:52) The crowds are getting loud (and we're proud of our soundcloud)
So with talent so endowed (and commitment so avowed)
(02:57) Rock Team Alpha (Bravo, Charlie, Delta)
We know it's time you felta (a little Helta Skelta)
(03:02) Right outta the mouth-a (Rock Team Alpha!)[Echo - Alpha, Alpha,Alpha,Alpha -
(03:05-03:24) [Musical Interlude]

CHORUS [all parentheses are shouted multiple voices]
(03:25) We are Rock Team Alpha (Rock Team Alpha!) [Second one shouted by multi people]
The ones that kick some ass
(03:30) We'll never stop (pop to the top)
Massive, atomic blast!
(03:35) The others eat our dust (the music gods ain't just)
Facing towards our thrust (the other teams combust)
(03:40) If you gotta know (what's the secret code)
the rock explodes (your team implodes)
(03:45) Iconic motion (like you're on the ocean)
We win this time around
(03:50) Sonic explosion (such sweet emotion)
Hyperstimulated sound
(03:55) Rock Team Alpha (other teams are half-a)
What we've always been
(04:00) Absolutely greatest (the newest latest)
Alpha Rocking Team

"Rock Team Alpha" [whispered, shouted, in various trippy fadeout riffing as the music fades]


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