Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Dear Friend

This song was created for Game of Bands round 177 : "The Afterlife"


In my afterlife
I was afraid
of losing my other half
your mind
dear friend

We're born as lonely souls
and like cords we wave
we dance and set the tone
then we sail, all alone again.
Like shadows we are dismissed
no one is brave nor hallow, you'll see
come find me in a corner
there I bleed.
I'll return to the back of your hand.

Hear me my dear friend
the moonlight you seek
is not one to be afraid
but neither it is one
that'll let you live.

In the afterlife
I won't stop the calling
remind, bring your sad demise
I'll hold your head. (my dear friend)

I chanted sixteen times
for long long long goodbyes, to realize
In the dark deep corners of this hole
you'll find comfort
and while the cold cold burns
it does feel warm,
with our two souls
we're not alone.

Remember is not your time
you shan't let go
there's another world
to still atone

But In the afterlife
I won't stop, the call


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