Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

When We Die

This song was created for Game of Bands round 177 : "The Afterlife"


The colors fade
It's a dark day
As I lay in this bed
A light shows the way

I follow the light
But it leads nowhere
Is this the afterlife?
Or a dreary nightmare?

Will I stay in this
Unforgiving abyss;
This dark, empty place
For the rest of my days?

Suddenly, I feel heavy
Like something's dragging me
I dread this feeling
Is this hell beckoning?

I panic, as my vision blurs
I shout, but my speech slurs
I think I'm losing control
I think I'm losing my soul


I feel myself falling
Unable to do anything
Because now, I am nothing
I am nothing

I have heard people say
That hell is full of pain
Oh I'd rather be there
Than in this empty plane

Trapped in thought
I reflect on my life
Did I live for naught?
To end up in this afterlife?

Is this heaven?
It feels bright
But why can't I
See what's inside

There's nothing here
I'd rather suffer
Than stay here

For the first time
I am praying
"Please give me
A happy ending"

I hear angels singing

The truth is unkind / It's all in my mind

There's no heaven
It's all a lie
We end up here
When we die


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