Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Sleepy Hollow

This song was created for Game of Bands round 179 : "Happy Halloween"


Verse 1

A quiet midnight ride alone
Through moonlit woods, a long way home
The old ghost story on his mind
How in these parts the Hessian died

A soldier who refused to rot
In some old battle time forgot
They say a cannon took his head
But he’ll ride on with yours instead


You can tell yourself it’s just a legend
But think twice if you fear your soul
When the wind rises on Sleepy Hollow
So cold

Verse 2

He passes through a shadowed glade
The Hessian soldier’s unmarked grave
A chill at something from behind
The sound of hooves, a dead man’s shade

A headless figure black as night
Yet somehow laughing loud with spite
The traveler screams and takes the reins
A frantic race for his dear life


Final Verse (this can either serve as an outro or a bridge followed by a final chorus)

A quiet midnight path alone
They say the restless dead call home
These days a mystery what became
Of a traveler named Crane

When the wind rises on Sleepy Hollow
So cold


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