Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

It's Over (Very Last Time)

This song was created for Game of Bands round 180 : "Fixed Four Chord Song"


Pop Punk Ballad (Oh It Happened Again):

:11 (note: phrases start on beat 2)
“It’s Oover”,
You saaid to me,
but it waasn’t gonna bee the last tiime.

I watched you stumble up to the
bar with him last niight...

:30 (note: slight change up, start on beat 1)
We’d been together for some odd-loong years,
Up until you went and tore us apart,
You couldn’t handle my candor, (no)
But now we see you’re taking candor from him...

:50 (prechorus: escalating)
Tiime to watch you plaay the same old reel, (alt: watch it play out all the saame...)
You kiss his cheek, he spills his BEER-

- Oh- it - was CRITical, PIVotal,
That anger that you just can’t contain,
- Your emotions flared up,
Yeah it’s happ’ning agaaain...

You threw your bag on the table,
Knocked the chips to the floor,
- It only took a few shots,
before he stormed out the door

You don’t want to be togeether, but you won’t be alone.
I need you,
But let’s be real,
- You’d be better once your on your ooown

(On her ooown.)

When you look up and see me,
- I watch your face fall...
But then you drag yourself over
And you tell me all the things you could never tell hiim
You said “Romance isn’t easy,”
And then we leeft togeeetheer...

Well they say it ain’t easy, - now we just won’t stop,
We could call it our pattern, no we just can’t get out…
You say “I know what I’m doing, it’ll all work out”.

But when it started to matter, then you suddenly balked...

- Oh- it - was CRITical, PIVotal,
I said “Are you gonna go back to him?”
- My emotions flared up,
Oh no it’s happ’ning agaaain…

NO - NO - NO!!
(alt: ”I was cruel to youu and you were cruel to hiiim…, oh no it’s happening again...”)


3:12 (instrument changeup)
- Going down this road,
I don’t know what to saaaay

When they say “nothing chaanges”
I don’t think that way…

They say you’re better together,
no I can’t be alone

Even if I get angry,
at least somebody’s
At least somebody’s home!

Yeah I know what I’m doing, but I don’t know why.
Yeah we know that it’s painful, but still we just gotta try

So we suffered together
And we wound ourselves up
But at the end of the day
It’s always gonna be…
That - it - was CRITical, PIVotal,
That anger that we just can’t contain,
- Our emotions flared up,
Yeah it’s happ’ning agaaain …


:“It’s Oover”,
she saaid to me,
But she said it for the very last time.

- Oh- it - was CRITical, PIVotal,
That anger that we just can’t contain,
- Our emotions flared up,
Yeah it happened agaaain …


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