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The Kingdom Of Lovalon

This song was created for Game of Bands round 189 : "Medieval II"


The Kingdom Of Lovalon

(Verse 1)
Within the distant land of dreams
Lived a husband and wife: the King and queen
Their loyal guardian fairy did say
"Your offspring shall be born in nigh on a day

But I do say to thee
That the kingdom they'll lead
When you two are both dead and gone
Shall be prosperous and free
More remembered than thee
And their kingdom shall be called Lovalon

(Verse 2)
The next day were born a girl and a boy
Whom were left on the door of a peasant named Troy
Away from the influence of royalty
So the prosperous kingdom would never come to be

But the boy and the girl
Had dreams of a world
That one day they would both act upon
But for now, they'd pretend
And play games with their friends
'Bout a kingdom they called Avalon

(Verse 3)
When the boy and the girl reached the age of 8
They ran to the woods 'fore they finished their plates
To found the kingdom they'd always imagined
And before too long they encountered a dragon

And it searched through their souls
And to this day it's told
That their spirits were bright like the sun
And without a hassle
It summoned a castle
For a kingdom to be named Lovalon

(Verse 4)
So the kingdom began with the kids as monarchs
And from the first day all the crickets and larks
All let out the happiest cheers from their mouths
The boy ruled the north and the girl ruled the south

The boy and girl, they grew
And found others to choose
As spouses to, thrones, sit upon
The kingdom had two kings
And two queens to rule things
And this kingdom was called Lovalon

(Verse 5)
So the kingdom grew in numbers and land
And life in the kingdom grew evermore grand
The people were happy and enjoyed living life
While the neighboring kingdom lived in strife

And the rulers who had
Made a mistake so bad
As to let their kids found Lovalon
Declared war on their kids
Without knowing, they did
Unlock the rage of their citizens

(Verse 6)
The people overthrew the parents of the kids
Who were now grown up rulers of a kingdom that did
Replace the old kingdom in the people's hearts
And a treaty was signed and the treaty did chart

The merger of the lands
A celebration grand
Marked the start of the two crowns, now one
The boy, girl, and spouses
They smiled, 'cause they now had
Achieved their dream of Lovalon


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