Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Sir Percival of Wales

This song was created for Game of Bands round 189 : "Medieval II"


Listen now to the tale of Sir Percival of Wales

How he faced the hordes of hell in searching for the holy grail

There he saw the dragon's maw Where great flames did soar and swell

On his return succumbed to burns, his spirit heard the clarion's bell

Sleep now, Percival, you've shown your honour true
Weep for Percival, he did this all for you
Keep brave Percival within your prayers at night
Sleep, dear Percival, and bask in Heaven's light


From where I go I may not return

Fewer and fewer flowers and ferns
I left my steed for he would not press on

I mustn't tarry lest my boldness begone


I know not what lies ahead

I'm being pulled by destiny's thread

Just heed the voices that led me to the depths of the dead

|spoken, multiple voices|
Now, young Percival, ignore your clammy skin

Speak, good Percival, approach Leviathan

Verse 2

O great Leviathan, I hope I find you well
I come to find your den within the depths of Hell
My snowy mail is red from rust and blood of foes
As I converse with you I'll take a brief repose

O Noble wyrm I have sought you for but one thing
I seek the wooden grail that rests beneath your wing
Grant me this boon and I will come and go in peace
But I shall stay until this treasure is released


And now the beast has bared its scorching teeth
In this inferno is my sword pulled from its sheath
I plunge my blade twixt scales to reach its wretched heart
As flames engulf me this vile foe is torn apart


Fly now, Percival, with grail beneath your wing
Cry out, Percival, and let your weak voice ring
Yearn, late Percival, for those you've left behind
Burn, great Percival, their image in your mind

Though my flesh screams I still now have a greater goal
For in my dreams I will save my beloved's soul
Til this is done I challenge Death to do his best
While pluck remains with me no more, dear, shall I rest

And as I see the ramparts rise my hold is weak
And I allow myself to join among the meek
And as I die, I know, I do not die in vain
Now come, sad clarion, and play that sweet refrain


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