Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

The Trial of Joan of Arc

This song was created for Game of Bands round 194 : "Disney Duets"



You stand accused of the crimes

Witchcraft, heresy and worst of all dressing as a man

You have broken laws divine,

By defeating England, you have defied his divine plan

Now how do you plead?

God is listening...

Hand upon your heart,

Is it true, Joan of Arc?



Je me attens a mon juge,

 Cest le roy du ciel et la terre

God is my judge, not you

God will hear my prayer


I have seen my end and made my choice

But my truth will pen too many books to burn

My name aflame in every young girls voice

Their song will rise, they will demand their turn


Silence, thou witch heretic 

Hoist her there to the stake, Europe is lifted from your curse

See Joan, heathen lunatic 

Let the voices in her head speak their last before she burns

Forsook by thy country 

Speak, we’re listening

France will, for its part

Remember Joan of Arc


(Crowd of french voices)


Il n'y a pas plus sourd que celu i 

Qui ne veut pas entendre

Your own God speaks through me

You are deaf to your God

I fear not death, death fears Joan of Arc

My story immortalized by history

My bravery carried in each young girls heart

Oh sing, my angels, I am listening

Voir votre faux prophète brûler

Que Dieu ait pitié de votre âme

You were blind but now you see

You followed a siren’s song

Unto ashes, the knight Joan of Arc

A freak to be forgot by history

Little peasant girl, sing out your heart 

On deaf ears, our god isn’t listening



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