Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

06 - Creative Differences

This song was created for Game of Bands round 200 : "Storyline Supergroups - GoB: Behind The Music"


How does a lost garage built band
Grow into more than any of us could ever comprehend
How does it all go well so quickly
Lead to us writing our own parts in history

It was pure magic, feeling ecstatic on stage
Overjoyed we made it
But with time comes both failure and shame
And we all know who's to blame

A: How can you dance and sing the same lies every night?
B: What's my crime now? I don't mean what I write?
A: When you wrote it was true, when you sing it's a lie.
A: It's easy to tell, look at what our fans say, see what they write

B: "You've changed dude! You're just not yourself when you're high!"
B: Yeah, when I turned to drugs it wasn't so you could ask me why
B: Won't you stop all this whining and complaining
A: Why is talking to you always so draining?

A: I thought you were real, whatever, I'm done.
B: Of course you'd give it up when we start having fun
A: You don't get what our music and words mean to us.
B: I don't get my own songs? How can you be so-
A: How are they
B: Wrong
A: your songs?

A: Are you for real? I'm part of the band!
B: Sometimes I forget, you sound more like a fan.
A: I am! Are you? Do you like what we make?
B: I like making money, if the music's good, great.

Well if you don't yet know how it's gonna go
I think it's time for us to show, not tell
How creative differences makes a man spit, a band split
Fizzles out an ensemble without a last hit

Is it too soon to call it sudden
When they should all have seen it coming
As a group who kept dysfunctionally running into problems
Ignoring them rather than solving them

A: Why do you always have to start up a fight?
B: Why won't you shut up when you know that I'm right?
A: Is this how you want things to go?
A: I'm sorry I like putting on a show
A: But you're always on my my case, call out any mistake
A: What happened to just having fun onstage

B: Fun comes secondary success comes first
B: You don't get to perform when they think you're the worst
B: We're lucky to be here and we gotta put in the work
B: You're so far up your own ass that you can't see what
B: Really matters
A: It doesn't really matter

A: Is fame all that matters what are we doing?
B: Maybe you should find something else worth pursuing
B: if you can't stand being part of the band then don't be.
B: Take a stand somewhere else and go follow your dreams.
A: The others will follow me.
B: We'll see. Security!
A: Get off me!

Left wondering if they ever stood a chance
Left wondering if they’d ever sing or dance again
All good things must end
Hey guess what? (what?)
We're breaking up the band


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