Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

05 - London Circus

This song was created for Game of Bands round 200 : "Storyline Supergroups - GoB: Behind The Music"


Take a ride with me
Up and down on a carousel
no risk no worry

Ride around and round an’ round
On an endless loop
Wonderful and blurry

I can’t see through the clock hands
But I know where this goes
Bleach the band from the news stand
This is not the life I chose

Choose the ride with me, on an endless lazy river
Color up the sky, all our names in gold
Be the Queen at tea, not a sliver
Majestic, royal and bold

Where’s the music that we came for?
We’ve never been more apart
We’re all stuck on this crash course
Seems we’ve been from the start

Character 1 - Ride with me, join the ride
Character 2 - Just wait until you come down
Character 1 - Don’t wanna get down, wanna go high
Character 2 - Wait until this all comes around
Character 1 - Hasn’t come around yet, let’s find the limit
Character 2 - Can’t go on if we rush and hit it
Character 1 - The ride’s goin’ now don’t wanna miss it
Character 2 - With the way things look, I think that I don’t fit
Characters 1 + 2 - Don’t want to ride, get off the train
Characters 1 + 2 - This could go on, let it in your brain
Characters 1 + 2 - Ride!


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