Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Sixteen Cannons

This song was created for Game of Bands round 202 : "The Sea"


Verse 1

He was barely a boy
O’er dangerous tides
Staring down sixteen cannons with fear in his eyes

Then the the roar of the guns
As the crew lost their lives
Black sails waving high over pillage and fire

And out of the smoke
Came the man with one eye
In a voice black as death said “surrender or die”


And so was born the red reaver
Ye penitent kneel down and pray
That the fickle winds show you mercy
And never send him your way

Verse 2

He was only a boy
When they took him away
Too young to kill or to sell as a slave

So they taught him the way
Of the pistol and blade
How to claw out a life on the wind and the waves

He was eager to learn
And to make his own name
Swore to wave the black flag til the end of his days


Verse 3/Outro

He was barely a man
When he took his first lives
Letting loose sixteen cannons with fire in his eyes

Charging into the fray
With a cutlass raised high
In a voice black as death said “surrender or die!”



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