Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!


This song was created for Game of Bands round 202 : "The Sea"


When drowning grew
I was pulled from inverse waves

My lifeguard was
A skeleton
With no flesh on her face

But at the crux
Where radius
And ulna interlace

Were hands soft with
An ageless flesh
Aglow in her sea cave

She smiled wide
Into my teeth
And gnashed a soothing paste:

“I destined you
For greatness
When I dipped you in the blaze

It preyed
Upon your weaknesses
And played upon your strengths

It engulfed you,
burned your body clean
And hemorrhaged the waste

My hands solely
Were submerged
Death the rest of me erased

But you were sunken,
And assured never to fade

A god was
Made by mortal hand
And death you could outpace

How now have
You returned to me
To dwell among the shades?”

When drowning grew
I was pulled from inverse waves

By the hands of
Aging mother
Who had willed to make me great

But at the crux
Where fibula
And tibia form base

Her hand held dry
That feeble flesh
Which fell me to my place

Was preserved
So as not to upset fate

The coward
Barely hit his mark,
Was no more than a graze

His arrow
Drenched in poison
That was pricked into my veins

Dark venom
taken from the tooth
Of nine Lernaean snakes


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