Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

The Subterrene Discoveries

This song was created for Game of Bands round 205 : "Halloween"


Crouched in waning candle-light, poring through the leaves of an unfamiliar diary
Moonlight bade no entry by curling tendrils of mist, churning
Through the westward window, which overlooks hallowed termini of forgotten ancestors
Thought effaced, but merely malignant…

Choked on a whisper, utterly bleak
I've got an unprovidential record to detail
Antediluvian, buried in time
Below a deep and abysmal perilous downward climb

They drew me down into that charnel house
(Dreaming of screaming, obscenely blaspheming 'em)
An undimensioned eidolon dispelled my doubts
(Daemonic, a morbid mnemonic without
A nepenthe within)

In the unknown, desolate dark
I met an unnamed, umbrous, ominous patriarch
As he led well into the crypt
I beheld a relief of a spell with a tangible grip

He shewed me down into that yawning mouth
(Febrile and feeble, a primitive people gone)
An unwhole-some-thing in the aeons drowned
(Sightless and feeling and dreadfully dealing with gods
Or the ones that respond)

They knew my name in words I can't pronounce
(Articulated on tenebrous angles-uhh)
An antiquated and accursed sound
(Echoing mad in the night I emerged from the ground
On the way back to town)


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