Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!


This song was created for Game of Bands round 205 : "Halloween"


Verse 1
The days grow short
Foliage disappears
The nights are cold
But I feel no fear
My purpose calls
I embrace it with glee
The time has come
To fulfill my destiny

The farmer grabs
My stem and cuts me loose
Excitement grows
So nervous, so profuse
I hope my flaws
Don't land me in the bin
My color’s good
But my walls are too thin

To the store we go
We hope to find a home
Until we grow old
And become the new loam

To the kids we go
Buffed to brightly glow
Through the stress and woes
We remain composed

Verse 2
A little girl
Lays her hand on me
“Mommy, please”
She begs so sweetly
The mom relents
She can't resist that smile
This right here
Makes my life worthwhile

I can't wait
To be displayed proudly
Paint and ink
Dressed up so loudly
My orange skin
Is a perfect blank slate
I can be
Whatever they dictate

Chorus 1
The knives shine bright
They slash and bite
Entrails detached
Shredded and mashed

They laugh and sing
Yet terror they bring
Life goes dark
As they carve, carve, CARVE

Verse 3
Oh my lord
What have you done to me?
The saw whirs
Flinging endless debris
Each new slice
Cuts my soul so deep
Pieces of me
Build a haphazard heap

I wish I could
Shove that knife into your heart
Give you a taste
Of being torn apart
The candle wax
Feels like a blowtorch
And now I'm stuck
On your stupid little porch

Chorus 2
The knives shined bright
They slashed all night
Entrails detached
Shredded and mashed

They laugh and sing
Yet terror they bring
And now some prick
Decides to kick, kick, KICK

With failing breath
I curse my death
Makes me sick, sick, sick...


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