Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!


This song was created for Game of Bands round 206 : "Psychedelic"


Stalled goals
Success declined
Set loose
My cloistered mind

I can
Afford disgrace
I have
My great escape

In my myth I thrive……

Inside, this world of mine
Resides, the benign kind
Allies, fully consigned
Control, every detail

Provide, steadily refine

Confide, in my confined
(Am I still alive? )
Divide, to redefine
Extol, my covert hell

Stalled goals
Success declined
Set loose
My cloistered mind

I can't
Exit this space
I have
Become displaced

I won't survive…..

Contain, the perverse plots
Abstain, don't connect dots
Obtain, coherent thoughts
Reject, the useless doubt

Campaign, against the rot
Restrain, seize the upshot
Remain, within earshot
Deflect, productive droughts

Suspend, the flawed excuse
Ascend, ancient abuse
Defend, become abstruse
Elude, the vacant sight

Pretend, we have a truce
Amend, what I deduce
Commend, my bogus muse
Collude, with my own blight

I can't halt the dive
These lyrics describe what life is like for those who suffer from a condition called maladaptive daydreaming. Those who have it compulsively and/or purposely slip into vivid daydreams, and it happens so frequently it interferes with their quality of life. For some, the daydreams are so strong they physically react to the events unfolding in their heads.

It is commonly misdiagnosed as schizophrenia because MD was so recently defined it hasn't been included in the DSM yet, so the only other official diagnoses that fit are psychotic disorders. Some patients become addicted to the daydreams despite their frustration with how they impact their ability to live a full life. They use the dreams to retreat from stressful situations and environments. When their surroundings feel unstable they run to the dreams because they have control over the narrative and characters in them.

Some MD sufferers become writers and artists because it gives them a way to justify the daydreams, to make them useful. For some it's their only option.

At its worst, sufferers can lose as much as 8 hours a day to the dreams, sometimes more.


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