Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!


This song was created for Game of Bands round 209 : "Look Back On 2020"


This year
rollecoastered off
with its up and downs
and loop the loops

But we've come together
We made it thru harsh weather
And we've come out strong
Hand in hand. hope is all
we need to get along
Carbon emissions, at an all time low
Oil companies took a tragic blow
Gave Mother Earth a great big hug
And worked to create a bluer ocean
We now got legalized shrooms
So me and Mario can vroom vroom vroom
Now working from home and we're staying fit
Knocked at Google's door, please let us in
We should take five more often
It seems that we learned a lot this year

But not everything has been quite so rosy
We lost a great deal of amazing people
To Covid, Cancer and accidental happenings
Knelt for the fallen and the unjustly taken
We now fight for them
Bc black lives truly do matter
We all bleed the same color
We all cry for our mothers
In times of need we hold our holy brothers
We fight not for us but for
The young kid who hopes
Lost in his dream of a better and safer world


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