Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

The Stars Align

This song was created for Game of Bands round 209 : "Look Back On 2020"


Every little thing you do reminds me
The one way out is through
I wish we could go back to undo
So much hurt that's undue.

Through sick and pain, and fire and smoke.
You kept a smile on, like a cloak.
Casting rays of sunshine through these darkest days

Late at night, while we're lying awake.
A crowd grows marching in a funeral's wake.
Cried for his mama. for his life.
A little boy, how's it justified.

Inundated with the flood coming over my phone.
The silly talking heads try fighting for the throne.
Will leaving it unread
bring back the dead?

Strong words and sharp tongues
lashing out at everyone.
left behind or left for dead either way
it changes nothing.

So we just lie in bed waiting for relief and calm.
Some answer or call.
That we'd be okay. That we can put to bed
this existential dread.

Remember passion?

When we used to dream big, and go hard,
chase down our goals with a hunger that's more than pain.

With that spark in our eye
we would look to the sky
we would look to the sky
and watch the stars align.

And now the years closes with the star of bethlehem rising high.
About to blind.
Things are turning up, coming back around.
Maybe finally we can get our heads from the clouds.

in 2021


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