Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

In The Rearview

This song was created for Game of Bands round 209 : "Look Back On 2020"


Stirred in my sleep
I woke from a dream
Where I had control of everything
To a nightmare of truth
Standing on the wrong side
When the light shined

Now Fear guides the blind
To their demise
But I’ve got 2020 vision eyesight
And here’s what I’ve seen
Baby if you hear me listen please

Death became the enemy
Kept closer than a friend
The world shut down
But life didn’t end
And time don’t wait
And chance shouldn’t decide our fate send a prayer to Jesus like the World is ending
Because nothings what it seems
Clouded judgment makes decisions
Hazy masked by fear got people acting crazy
The world is on fire there is a war
Ain’t playing ignorant anymore
Aren’t you tired?
It’s time for change

Still the world keeps on spinning
We’ve got to keep on living unafraid
To see with clarity
The end of things brings new beginnings
A new normal full of meaning
It’s all in the rearview
Old things passed away

It’s all in the rearview
It’s all in the rearview
It’s all in the rearview


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