Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!


This song was created for Game of Bands round 210 : "Random Wikipedia Page"


You made it so long, that I thought you'd be fine
You were so smart and strong, even when you were crying

There were so many things that I wanted to teach you,
Be a lady at court, and be ever resourceful
Soar above peasants' reach, from the day you were born
Keep your chin in the air, and avoid Henry's scorn

My beautiful child, where have you gone
This life is so brutal, right is so wrong

Elizabeth, named after me
Elizabeth, our god set you free
Elizabeth, named after me
I'd trade my life for yours, in a heartbeat (through 1:25)

I don't understand the pain in my heart
Lost children before, from earth they'd depart
But instead I'm still broken, like I'm falling apart
It never gets better, my heart split in twaiin

My friends, they tell me, this is just life
You're bound to lose some, that's being a wife

At least you have luck, you're the queen to a king
Well I'd trade all my luck, just to hear you sing (through 2:18)

Elizabeth, your name is mine
Elizabeth, why am I crying
Elizabeth, your name was mine
Elizabeth, your eyes how they shine

The angels sing songs to me that sound so sweet
As I lie in my chambers and wish you'd join me
My chambermaids talk but it's just annoying

My husband is off on the warpath it seems
So I cry to my pillow and pray for sweet dreams

They tell me you'll have eternal life
They tell me your soul will survive
They tell me that you'll be just fine

But what about me
What about me

Conflicting emotions, passive regret
As I scream to the lord
Have I passed all your tests?

Elizabeth, where are you
Elizabeth, is what they say true
Elizabeth, where are you??

Are you up there in heaven,
And may I join you?


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