Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Epic Rap Battle Team 10

This song was created for Game of Bands round 211 : "Epic Rap Battles II"


Here we come, gun it, gunna push you off the line
We're the best team 10, you the only team 9
N-Smoke, Fire Starter, and the GtC
Come to Grips with yo' Death, choke you outta GOB

We got the rockinest guitars and the illingest flow
We got the lyrics by the writer who's never a no-show
You gotta lost account who be losing the count
A checkmate Czech mate and a noobie on the bout

211 be the heavenly round that we be winnin'
You the chickens who are pickin' their epitaphs, you get it?
It's a given that you be goin' down in history
As the lamest team since that one with Jake P.

OH! We the 'toonist, the first gen, the refugee
We decree the voters will hand us the victory
I see, we see there's no point in even tryin'
To forsee a future where YOU will leave us cryin'
Yo Rip, ya dip, we're all-a lookin' yer way
But keep it under 6 minutes, cos we ain't got all day
Is this rap too distorted, enough reverb for your likin'
Coz in this warzone, you're a lemming, we're all Vikings

And Matt, Czech-Check it, do you think you'll Live Forever
Say you'll hit us like a truck, you're in our Rearview. Altogether
you're like Minigolf to our NFL, we scored a touchdown
Hell Awaits your Demise, Drive Away outta town

Yo, Sir Eclecticous, did I say that name right?
You're a noobie who's about to get smoked tonight
2 outta 3 o'yo songs share a bigger song's name
Are you here just to coast offa someone else's fame?

Team 10'll make you wish that you sank into that river
Want proof that we're awesome? Post a stamp and we'll deliver
We hear you quiver, be the giver of your next puny verse
You hit us like a truck, but we just put you in a hearse
You say we'll burn?
Well learn to turn up the heat on your burns
It's gettin' cold, feelin' bold, will ya' hold on?
Cos we're gettin' bored, dear Lord, can you afford
To hit us where it counts, a small amount of disses
Not hugs and kisses, we got rhymes all the time
Assonance for assurance, influenced by the greats
The giants, we're lions, you gazelle, we'll raise hell
You like a change of pace, we'll erase your face
Freeze your desert, blue your Monday, take the gold from your glow
And flow upon the beat, rock this treat, you want hype
You're hearin' it, and nearin' it, the end, I hope you can
Praise the envy, the Mega max, and the Florida Man!


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