Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Rein-ing Blood

This song was created for Game of Bands round 211 : "Epic Rap Battles II"


Rudeolph X Savage Santa - Rein-ing Blood

(Rudolph) -
I got the beats and the bars, the best in Lapland
Coming in fly kicking, double impact like Van Damme
Got the elves ghost writing all of your rhymes
Krampus is more popular, the end of your times

Someone ought-ta tell you, you don't look good in red
And it's creepy sneaking into kids' rooms when they're in bed
"Joy on earth and good will towards all men?"
Nah, I wrote my Christmas list with a poisoned pen

Gotta dip your cookies in milk cause you've got no teeth
When your delivering presents, we be hitting that kief
Muthafucker how you think we be flying?
Home grown, fifteen bucks if you’re buying

Saw you with that hoe hoe hoe underneath the mistletoe
Got pictures for blackmail and more ammo
I'll let you in on something else that I know
Your dirty little kink for eating fucking yellow snow

(Santa) -
Rudolph, man, what happened to you?
Why’d you suddenly turn all cruel?
Resorting to blackmail, why is that?
Did I really treat you all that bad?

It doesn’t have to be this way
But if that’s how you want to play, okay
Don’t forget you work for me
And there’s a lot that I saw and see

You’re an alcoholic, it's sad but true
And nobody likes to play with you
You cry yourself to sleep at night
Now boy don’t lie, you know I’m right

You’re being a dick for no good reason
Didn't you hear, 'tis the damn season
For us all to get along
But I guess you’d rather go back to your bong

(Rudolph) -
Cry myself to sleep cause you're the worlds worst boss
Is it any wonder that I'm hitting the sauce
When shit hits the fan you don't take no blame
So go sit and twirl on a candy cane

Hope that narrows it down for ya, Old Saint Nick
Red nosed retribution for acting like a dick
Flip you the bird but I can't with a hoof
Every night I pray you slip and fall off a roof

There's a million mall Santas all over the land
Who'd do a better job than you possibly can
Problem is you think you’re irreplaceable
But I'll make you disappear, body untraceable

Tis the season for reindeer revolution
get my credit for contribution in gift distribution
An' I've come to the conclusion that the only solution
Is to take you out back, execution!

Jingle bells
Batman smells
Robin laid an egg
At the end of this rap battle
One of us will be dead



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