Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Wakeup Call

This song was created for Game of Bands round 211 : "Epic Rap Battles II"


Accepting what you got that means reality right?
Cuz I got this life on lock and the key is my mind
Don't need a dream sign, don't need the sublime
Experiences presented when the sun don't shine
Inside your own mind? It's just jokes you must be kidding me
Yeah the dreamscape takes over but you're still inside reality
It's like taking a drug
Are acid trips real?
The only real part is how they make you feel
Which is something you can't experience
Until you wake up
Might make you mad, angry furious but here's a little luck
In reality, you're the master
Dreaming freaking sucks

I don't see how you compare these two
There's nothing better than waking up
I don't know how to get through to you
That there is nothing better
than waking up and looking around and seeing your luck
Looking in the eyes of the person you love
There is nothing better than waking up

Take if you will for example
Me in my bed last night laying awake
My body and soul all wrapped up
Thinkin’ about the world, all that’s at stake
My major anxieties and inhibitions
Preventing my sleep in a seamless cycle
Only once I managed to shut it off
I was able to laugh and slam dunk like Michael
All that torture and all this anxiety
Replaced with ecstatic wonders and high society
My once-tortured mind
Reaching new heights of methods to unwind
Because this is the simple fact of life
When you're alive and standing,
you're on the edge of a knife
Sleepy times bring that endless bliss
It's as simple and pure as true love's first kiss
1 3 4 2 5 6 7
8 10 9 11 11 11
That's how you count when you're off in dream land
Where even the most absurd thing has intricate meanin’
We make the most out of the least stimulation
And run infinite lives in a vivid simulation
Introspection, exploration, and wonderment
You can be the best at actually all of it
In my mind I'm the champion of time and space
I'm extravagantly awesome, all up in your face
Streamlined, silky smooth, cloud pillow bedspread
I'm unmatched in my comfort, wakin’ up without bedhead
Interesting conversations with no consequences
Talking to your exes, your bestie's exes, and your aunt from Texas
You can take them out for tea with some gray aliens
On a giant gaseous planet devoid of mammalians
Because this is the place where nothin’ is as it seems
You better believe in yourself and follow your dreams

I'm on a drug called reality where there are rewards actually the harmonious cacophony of life moving rapidly it baffles me
How anyone can view this masterpiece and say hey wait it's not that great
Then proceed to have a dream about a thing they could have while awake if they’d just grab it
Matter of fact I'm absolutely flabbergasted at the enormous lack of passion that your lyrics establish
For this life
You keep on spewing this drivel about how dreams are the shizzle but you fail to acknowledge that all of that is happening in your mental it's not real
Just like sexting on omegle so it has no appeal
Just like Brexit to the people so why do you feel
That you need it? For real, I need this question answered before my head explodes from the lack of understanding of people who think lying down is better than being outstanding

Waking up and seeing the sunshine, it's sublime

Going to sleep and meeting my heroes, in my mind

Feeling the warmth on my skin during a car ride

Hearing the echoes of infinity, all night

It feels like a dream but I can really feel

It feels like heaven’s location has been revealed

And when the sun comes up I know that I'll be living it for real

And when the sun goes down I know that I'll be home in the surreal


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