Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Legion vs Spartacus

This song was created for Game of Bands round 211 : "Epic Rap Battles II"


Also featuring u/firstdragonfruit9 as Legion

Broke away free, raised an army of slaves
We can raze in hours what wasn’t built in a day
Your helmets look like brooms, better call the maid
So when it’s over she can sweep up your remains

You think you’re tough cause you got numbers
One on one, I’ll eat you all for supper
Weak, conscription, legion my ass
Spartacus, I’m the future you’re the past

We are Legion- the Roman guard
We Conquered the world with iron swords
You were so bad at war you got captured
Sold to the arena you’ve only ever fought cowards

Don’t make me laugh, we can crucify you
I don’t mean in the media, like for really real fool
We’ll line the roads with crosses from here to Rome
You’ll beg to die, but you’ll hang till you’re bones.

And now we will fight.
Army to army
Marching slowly
Till two giants meet
Which one will it be
Who will claim victory

You won’t get the chance, I’ll fight to the end
Warriors kill in battle, little wusses apprehend
70k strong and you sent 4 armies
Every single one took dirt naps when they fought me

A slave is worth more than the coins of the land
But you’re just an extension of the Senate’s hand
No thought for yourself you just complete orders
Emperor says jump you cower in a corner.

We give no mercy to mere property
Revolting slaves ain’t even worth two denarii
Better to put down a mad dog than let it roam
Living under ground will be your new home

The senate is the rightful leader of Italy
Following the laws is a citizen's duty
You will die here in the shadow of the sea
and they’ll float your bodies to the shores of Sicily.

And now we will fight.
Army to army
Marching slowly
Till two giants meet
Which one will it be
Who will claim victory

Legion’s fist hits Spartacus
Spartacus counters with a slice to the ribs
Now a shield bash-distracts . connects
Through Legions Broken nose . blood ejects .

Bloody smile-an advance and a trip
Spartacus loses balance only kneels a bit
He side swipes left, Legion’s deft little parry-
Follow through-right-Spartacus falls away staring

He rolls to the left but legion is quick
His boot connects while he draws a sharp stick-
Legion’s stave cuts like butter through his brow
Kill shot Spartacus down


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