Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Big Baguette Energy

This song was created for Game of Bands round 211 : "Epic Rap Battles II"


Yeah, I got the big baguette energy
My origins a mystery
I'm out here spitting fire
Making Game of Bands history
Got the swag and the bling
And I'm bringing the noise
While you're on Wish.Com
Buying cheap knockoff sex toys
The damage my rhymes do you cannot possibly calculate
Like a stealth bomber, my coordinates you cannot triangulate
I'm rocking like an earthquake and y'all need to evacuate

Perfect Fifth, yeah less hit more miss
My rusty sheriffs badge, pucker up and kiss
Talking smack, hey now what's up?
(How about I draw a line down the middle of your head so it looks like a butt) < sample

Eggplant Ryu, you're in my sights too
Culinary rhymes, turning you into ragu
Salt and pepper, and a little seasoning
Leave your head spinning, devoid of all reasoning

Sneakypedia, ain't forgot about you
Like a cheque your ass bounced, time to pay your due
Writing rhymes so bad that it's criminal
My rhymes are like weed, just need a card, medicinal

Quand on mettra les cons sur orbite, z’aurez pas fini d’tourner
(When we put cunts in orbit, you won’t stop turning)
Vous filez d’l’arthrite à ma bite, vous me faites pas bander
(You give my dick arthritis, you don’t get me hard)
Vous laisser m’écouter, j’crois qu’ça mérite une turlute
(Letting you listen to me deserves a blowjob I believe)
Mais pas besoin de récompense pour mon sacrifice de pute
(But I need no rewards for this sacrifice + play on word, “fils de pute” means “son of a bitch”, so I’m killing a bitch with my sound, while making it sound like an act of generosity since I let this bitch listen to me spitting. Yeah this is actually a pretty deep line lol)

I heard you're anatomically smooth like a G.I. Joe
Your mom told me post-coitus and that's how I know
My rhymes are god like, infallible, as above so below
Lyrical flow I'm a pro I throw raps at my foe that'll make you go, 'Woah!'
Dropping you harder than acme anvils
Your face looks like its been targeted by a thousand vandals
I'm in the headlines for murder and drugs and sex scandals
You're kids tv programming, I'm the X rated channels

It's plain to hear that you're delivering garbage
While I'm coming in hot like the Romans at the sacking of Carthage

Told ya, culinary rhymes it's a five star meal
I'm over here redefining concepts, reinventing the wheel

While you're busy sticking to the conventional
My rhymes cross barriers of time and space, multidimensional

Setting new standards, yeah I'm the quintessential
Make you question your life's purpose, crisis existential


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