Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Bleed or Leave

This song was created for Game of Bands round 211 : "Epic Rap Battles II"


Team 14, gonna be more mean than any other crew you have before seen
Not weak nor green, so heed the warning, you only got two choices: either bleed or leave
Everybody else gonna start to dance cause of the 12 gats that we got in our pants
Get your head out the gutter, I ain't tryin to be gross.
They're actually guns, we're gonna shoot at your toes

Get ready, conparky gonna jump in the mix. (yeah I am)
I'm fixed to split wigs of you ignorant misfits.
You probably don't even know who Princess Summer Peaches is. (Stay safe!)
I'm fit to educate ya and so smooth I just might date ya.
Hold up, wait, I take it all back, (why?)
y'all so ugly you don't deserve a snack pack (a kid said that to you)
Go back to your shack, write better rhymes cause they're wack
I feel bad because there's nothing I can do to change the fact

Yo, a Jollybeard does what a Jollybeard does when he does it… (yeah!)
And everybody loves it (love him!)
He might leave for like, I dunno, a year and a half? (thats a long ass time)
and come back and like that he's right back on a track
He came here to fight, he got a bad attitude. (angry! >:( )
If you're looking for proof you can ask Zuthulu (the jazzmaster)
You say that isn't jolly? Well, don't call him on it.
He's got a sick beard like mine, the jolly part is ironic (I have a sick ass beard)

Still waters run deep, specocean don't give a fuck,
he's got volcanos inside him and they about to erupt (geothermal!)
Try giving him guff and he'll show you where to stick it,
and when you see a doctor bout it, you gon' be specific (I broke my knee)
So much to brag about, can't pick one thing.
This song is only so long, we only had three weeks!
If you're going away mad, it's your own fault so steer clear of the ocean if you can't take the salt (AH!)

(I guess I'm Megan Thee Stallion now. What the fuck was that?
Anyways before I begin this parts all jokes we love all of you so… mwah)
Hotsp0t(huh?), think you're hot?(what?) You're not.
Couldn't even make a line when connecting dots. (boo!)
Trying to get a dozen losses?(12?) Well, here's your shot!
How can you cheat and still lose?(boo!) What? You think we forgot?!
Getting the music done early so you can take a vacation, (hawaii)
I'll bet it stung when IVGreen just straight up filleted ya
You can't score no points if you don't play the game
that's why you're stuck at zero like the one in your name (thats an F)

And Phyl, Jesus christ, where do I begin? (where?)
Is that your face or your ass? Oh shit, you're Australian. (Backwards!)
Your political views are so skewed they're nearly broken, (Australian)
you're accepting anarchy with arms wide open (like your lyrics)
Why don't you stick to your drawings, you seem decent at that,
I might add, they're the only tracks that you're good at (you suck!)
You're leaving me all a-bored, hope you brought your tickets,
good thing that you brought a board because you're playing to crickets

Triumph, shit, let me tread trepidatiously, (what the fuck is this word)
I don't wanna get banned but have you heard of complacency?
You get our hopes up but then you always seem to falter.
Could we finally get that album if I loaned you a couple dollars? (and I thought I was broke)
Bet you got a lot of secrets locked away in your closet, (LIKE YOUR MOM)
I got a conspiracy theory that I'm wanting to posit (aliens!)
The real reason why you had to go and ban a redditor
is because you're schizophrenic and you're really banddevelopper

Kinda sus my man...


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