Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Last Minute

This song was created for Game of Bands round 211 : "Epic Rap Battles II"


Lets go.

This team got style, we were born to play
Around the globe that is how we’re raised
You won’t see jake, scott and emily
Ticking the boxes going to smoke all 3

Across the pond our lyrics are spitting
Against our truth, you best be quitting
Like a drink or seven, Tequila and stout
We bringing the noise, Going to drown you out,

Setting the rules of battle be right
You know what we got, you know we’re tight
Fixing for this battle we the ones to beat,
Knock you down, straight off your feet.
[4:06 PM]
Straight from the horse's mouth, said miss emily
“Ah there’s lots of ways you can roast me” (WHAT)
Setting yourself up with that innuendo
Let’s hit play cause it’s time to go
Choosing how to say it, how to spin this rhyme
1000 hours on Animal crossing, it’s just a waste of time
Selfie to the tik to the toc don’t cut it
Attention of a spider, mounties just ignore miss muffet
Kitted in pink, camping under the stars
Driving a Prius, can’t mend the scars
Talking bout the candies on the day to day
Make you like Peter to the sweet MJ
Setting your own traps, hipster anime geeker
We’re going to kill it like Pratchets Grim Reaper.
You ain’t got game, it’s required to play
LMAO on repeat is just what you say.
Like a choir boy all neat, fresh and young
You take what we give right up your street.

Scott Pontiac, been or Reddit a while
Taking his turn, trying to be in style
As the sun comes up, Scott best beware
Looking like an astronaut and fozzie the bear
Playing it cool, while taking his time
Just pass the beer, or 3 is fine
Without a phone, he’d always be late
Just bear in mind that round is a shape
Can’t be bothered to charge the phone
Part of the 1%, that’s the battery groans,
Listen to the tunes of Milli Vanilli
Keep Lip Syncing too, you can’t stay with me
Nickleback rules, not ashamed to say
Chat USA, Each and every day
Used to Hack data, No can’t hack a bag
Avoid him at parties, when in fancy rags
Just like Popeye, he likes his oil
But you can keep the olives, they just spoil
Just like the bomber with a Boston Bag
You better watch your step, you’ve been had.

Jake can’t be sure what it means to be short
Come here fella, it’s our retort
Just like emily you like some fruit
Pineapple Pizza is like your loot
Just keep it away from my Ham
We’ll keep swinging, cause that’s our jam
Drinking your coffee, take-a-way starbucks
Taking us on, you think we give a...lucked
out of this rhyme, pink pajamas suck

Like mickey and his gang, you’re going to get clubbed
Feeling how we rolling, This ain't no snub
You think you guys got, it this battle is yours
This battle just a beating, like a virus’ spores
Infect you with our beats,our winning melodies
We’re going to give it like the “boys” on speed
We heard you in the line for Spider man #7
That’s the comics not the movies, you think that’s heaven
Geeking out on Robin, and the fact there’s 5
Get out of your mama’s, start to feel alive
We got to drop it now, going to cripple your flow
Get back on your “specials bus” kid, it’s time to go.


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