Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Grey Goo

This song was created for Game of Bands round 212 : "Sci-Fi Aesthetics"


Science fiction's fiction
when the story turns out real
Here's a true prediction
That the future shall reveal
The 3 rules of robots
from Isaac Asimov
Obey humans / do not
kill / save yourself thereof

The rules cannot protect you
there's always an offence
One cannot expect to
Expect the consequence
So when we turn to nano
And start the downhill slide
There isn't any ammo
And nowhere left to hide

In these tiny little vials
are nanobots that heal
Better than antivirals,
Wide reaching appeal
Their tiny mechanisms
Fix and repair your cells
Reject the criticisms?
Start the tolling of the bells

The world will have a problem -
New rules they can't enforce
The nanobots do need some
to prevent this tragic course:
No self-replication
plus a way to shut them down
Or it will be the causation
for our planet to melt down

Runaway chain reaction -
for the earth is carbon based
Planetary liquefaction
as the bot self-replicates
Takes everything adjacent,
Making copies of itself
We just sit here complacent
Grey goo will be ourselves.

Is there anything to do?
Before we all become grey goo
What god should we pray to?
As we turn into grey goo
Ecophagy's due
Consumed by the grey goo
Nanotech bot stew
made everything grey goo.



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