Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Join the Trader Joesians!

This song was created for Game of Bands round 213 : "Imaginary Cult Themes"


Oh kids hey,
it's Sunday!
So don your prayer clothes,
Call upon the shrine of Trader Joes!

in the religion of consumerism
there's a specific sect
outsiders find the humor is in
The gospel's spread effect

There's no parking anywhere
But nobody ever complains
The Trader Joesians don't care
They'll just wait outside, while it rains

You'll become a better person....
As as soon as you arrive
Your soul, it will be bursting
With 2 buck chuck, you'll feel alive!
You must bring your own canvas bags.....
It has to say organic on the tags!
We all are Trader Joes....

VERSE [Note, the music gets really weird here, so have at it when singing]
Free range, cage free, vegan eggs...........
and grassfed organic meats
locally grown, the question begs,
why gluten free? Because no wheat.

They'll take your paper coupons
And give you cheese filled bliss
Their own branding makes you too fond
Like a do-good yuppie kiss

Conscious living is within you
Wholesome freshness, like your town
Not just a store, you'll begin to
feel all-natural joy abound
Your soul, it will be nourished
2 buck chuck is holy wine
Expanding, more stores flourish
Chalk signs pointing to the shrine
The neighborhood's around us!
So good Trader Joe's found us!


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