Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

The Cult Of Classical

This song was created for Game of Bands round 213 : "Imaginary Cult Themes"


(Cult leader)

Bring forth:
the accused

You have been brought forth before the council
For the most heinous of crimes
For sullying your ears with modern trash and slime

It is our most sacred tenant
Our most precious vow
To only listen to a piece of music
to analyze the sound

(Cult elder 1)
Do not enjoy
Do not create
Do not break the sacred rules
Of authentic perfect cadences, flat sevens are for fools!

Extended chords are out the door, they’ll land you in a cell,
And if you use a parallel 5th
We’ll send you straight to hell

(Cult elder 2)
We hear you’ve been listening
To the most demonic filth
Metal, techno, blues, and even rock and roll

who knows what else you’ve been using
To tarnish your mind, ears and soul

(Cult leader)
So what say you, in your defense?
What do you think you could say
that would ever sway our choice?
What hope do you have to escape our judgment?
Speak now, heretic, while you still have a voice!

(Main character)
I’m tired or your lonely ways
They’re sick, they’re mad, they’re wrong
I will not let you hold me down,
To any one kind of song

My heart yearns for so much more,
That simply can’t be found
When restricting oneself
To any one kind of sound

You gotta let go of the past and let music evolve
What problem could these barriers possibly solve

If you open up your mind I think you will see
To truly understand the music, you
you must be free


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