Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Grandma's Lullaby

This song was created for Game of Bands round 214 : "Lullabies"


In loving memory of Goldie Eulett

On that Sunday sundown, when your spirit was rising
Leaving our world behind to rejoin the horizon
When you finally wished our cruel world adieu
And you stared at that painting on the wall
Of the Lord~

On the bed where you slept for so long
You were lying
And after so many years of pain
You were dying

I was the last one to see you when I said my goodbyes

Oh, the years may go by, but your memory stays with him
He may say he's alright but his eyes they still glisten
When he bids you goodnight on the bed where you left
And he stares at the painting on the wall
Of the Lord~

All alone after 56 years
He's still crying
And the slow decaying of his mind
He's denying

For weeks after he was sleeping in that very same bed

Though the years may go by like dawn's rosy fingers
Your bed's been removed but your memory still lingers
When I lay down to sleep and see you in dreams
And I stare at the painting on the wall
Of the Lord~

Though the memories I have of you now
May grow fuzzy
Through the good and the bad times we had
You still loved me

I moved into the same room where you slept and you left


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