Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

The Other Ghosts

This song was created for Game of Bands round 215 : "Fairy Tales"


She came light as a feather
down on my hand
Weaving spells in the weather
with fluttering hands

All through summer
we were side by side
now in Lonely hours
The winter hides
Our eyes for one another
In disguise
she comes to hold me close
but I don't know her from the other ghosts
that haunt my mind

Seasons passed in a tempest of changeable times
The war was over
I left my scars behind
But memory haunts me
of those sunlit days
When I felt warmth and light
In hands that lay
on a broken man (girl/
And took my pain
Now I long to hold her close
But I can't know her from the other ghosts
That haunt my dreams

Life goes on
These Inveitable days
Ever changing and yet somehow the same
We shoulder the blame

Death came light as a feather down for my hand
Feeling solid as leather supple as sand
As I rose up into the wind and light
There her smiling eyes
And fae delight
Pieced my soul together
Held me tight
And we flew around the coast
And no one knew us from the other ghosts
That filled the night


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