Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Trolling Princess Hobbit Monster

This song was created for Game of Bands round 215 : "Fairy Tales"


Trolling Princess Hobbit Monster
Once upon a time
in a land called cyberspace
in order to break the paradigm
make this such a better place
A randomly assorted group
of adventurers around the globe
decided to try and dupe
S.E.O. search spider probes....

They employed dwarven magic spells
For the King's wizard then to conjure
The hunchback rang all the castle bells
To attract the Trolling Princess Hobbit Monster

The dragon guarded all the queen's gold
Though she knew how much this could cost her
Apples that still keep her from growing old
Will now be eaten by the Trolling Princess Hobbit Monster

The team had decided
as best they can
Search engines are provided
with keyword spam
All the phrases come to mind
for myth and legend terms
Use as many as they can find
fairy tale keywords

the Prince's stepmother
summoned all the knights
The throne needs to discover
The source of spam supply
Quest party's formed with fervor
Who will stick by them....
But she's hidden on a server
Shrouded by VPN

The crown directs a DOS attack
towards the source of all these dog turds
ip pings are sent - but they won't bounce back
The sorcery obscured, by the Trolling Princess Hobbit Monster

Kingdom's threatened treasure - by black magic
Flamewar'd by endless zombies, sending rubbish back in concert
Gives the Evil Princess pleasure, dipatching fear with hijacked traffic
of herself, she's making copies of the Trolling Princess Hobbit Monster


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