Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Life Lessons

This song was created for Game of Bands round 25 : "A Song That Tells a Story"


Once upon a time in the strangest of places A child was born, who didn't need braces A genius at school and great at sports A hit with the girls, a winner of all sorts He graduated high school top of his class And was off to college when he stopped for gas An old man came out and looked at him funny He Said, "Son, life ain't all about makin' money." The boy scoffed, filled his tank, and got back on the road "Fuck that old man, yeah what does he know? Money is my goal, and no one can stop me" Success is what matters! he thought confidently. Oh, it's a long and winding road None of us know where we'll go So keep your eyes on what is right And turn your gaze into the light The wind began gusting, the weather had soured Still he carried on, not one to be cowered Dark clouds loomed above him and the thunder it roared Raindrops fought against him like an angry insect horde His car screeched to a halt, his path now impeded A tree now laid sideways, this delay was unneeded Set your heart on what is pure And know that life is not for sure Whether power, wealth or fame Worry not bout what you'll gain --------- Out stepped the old man, dressed sharp as a tack Yelled "Stop" to the sky and the clouds were held back He turned to the young man and let out a laugh "Now son, would you like to rectify your gaffe?" "You always talk of money like it's a guarantee. Acting like the world owes you is a fallacy The only thing I can do is show you my wrath Because you are a motherfucking psychopath."


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