Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Ten Ogres!

This song was created for Game of Bands round 29 : "Your Team Number"


People called us ogres, people said we're bogus
In concealed locations, eating homo sapiens,
Is our proud tradition, source of our nutrition,
Since the war concluded, we have stayed secluded
Hiding from the nation, through refrigeration
Of your dead and missing, in our pans they're hissing,
Stolen on the quiet, perfect for our diet
Now the stock's diminished, soon it will be finished,

Ten ogres left alive
Ten ogres left and fighting

We were sitting pretty, underneath your city
Now the noose has tightened, now we're getting frightened
We know what is wanting, time to go a-hunting
When the night has fallen, we will come a-callin
Man, wife, son and daughter, we will come and slaughter
We don't even hate yer, it's the call of nature
Like the roaring lion, like the eagle flyin
Down upon the lambkin, we have got a hankerin'
Carnivores like you are, that's what our bold crew are
Hungry, wild and willing, eager for the killing
Ten ogres in the race
Ten ogres left alive
Ten ogres left
Ten more
Ten more
This battle of strength and brains
It isn't done, you know
Till we're roasting your remains
It's nature's way, you know
Survival is all we know
Got to get by you know
Going to waste every day
Can't let that be, you know
We gave you the upper hand
And for so long, you know
Perhaps you can understand
Can't say much more, you know
So many years our peace has been held, living on rations and keeping cool heads
Now the old feeling is stirring our blood, as we prepare to replenish the dead
Now to the surface we'll soon make our way, time for the sport that we haven't forgot
Keeping our culture alive just we ten. Last of the ogres will conquer their lot, oh., and we're all ready, all ready now


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