Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Epic Fail

This song was created for Game of Bands round 32 : "Bail or Fail"


(Verse 1) We are made in God's image
We're full of flaws, faults and lies
Man, that guy must have problems of his own
The cosmos seems in order
Except for human error
But how could things go wrong from my own home
(Verse 2)
I've been waiting for this chance
To jam out in my own bands
I might ROCK ALL THE PEOPLES! // in the internet
But now things have gone awry
I scream, "Why U No Reply?"
My team's head now resembles Marie Antionette's
Wind knocked from my sail
All my dream teammate's bailed
And all I'm left with is this Epic Fail
|-----------( x 2 )---------------------|
(Bridge 1)
The team did not congeal
The hope was synthetic
Push back the tears
Hold your work ethic
Absorb the Fear
And wax poetic
You'll get it to their ears
You're not pathetic
(Verse 3)
I arise with no regrets
Vow that I'll stay vigilant
And punish myself with another round
Vocals, Lyrics, Music were junk
And the song we made was bunk
And now nary an upvote can be found
(Bridge 2)
Your song is the worst in the world
You should be ashamed of yourself young man
(Chorus 2)
We poorly chose the wrong Grail
The song we made was frail
And all I'm left with is this Epic Fail
Crazy train went off the Rails
All the other teams sure can wail
And all I'm left with is this Epic Fail


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