Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Strung Out

This song was created for Game of Bands round 32 : "Bail or Fail"


Here I stand, bleary eyed and cast aside,
after all this time still traumatized, a glaze forming over my eyes
it?s been 4 long cycles of 365, since my heart rate last did rise,
since I saw those big blue eyes, that spotlight smile, that beautiful mind.
Now all I see is this face of mine, In this bathroom mirror that I despise
A face once happy and full of life, now old and sad and wrinkled by strife.

I still remember like it?s yesterday, I let the words fly and I drove her away
I tried to repent, but it was far too late, so I tacked on a smile and left for the day
I knew what I?d done, and it tore me apart, I?d aimed those words like darts straight at her heart.
I sat at my desk, tapped out a text and hit send, she shot back in seconds ?this is the end.?
I dialed her seven digits, she told me where I could stick it. She?d declared war, and she was out to win it.

Get called into a meeting and my phone gets to shaking. It?s her on the line and there?s no way i?m gonna take it.
Not 5 minutes later and it?s buzzing once more, but she said she wanted battle, so I swipe to ignore.
30 minutes later and it rings again, and I wish now that I had answered, but that?s not how this ends.
The hours fly by; i?m out the door headed home, and when I get to my car, I take a peek at my phone.
3 missed calls, 3 voicemail alerts. I get ready for the dressing down I know I deserved.

Hit play on the first, and it?s something unexpected, the voice on the phone has fear in the inflection.
?There?s a man on the street, and he?s sticking close to me.
He keeps getting closer and he thinks that I don?t see.
You were supposed to come meet me and take me home,
but when you didn?t show up I started walking alone.
I hope you get his very quickly, please answer your phone?

Shaken and scared, I hit play on the next, and the words that come out hit me right in the chest.
?Babe, i?m freaking out, he?s still following me. There?s nobody around, so I called the police.
They said that they could send someone out in an hour, but I really need someone to come right now.
I know I said some things, and I really regret ?em, but you have to understand I was really upset and?
I really need you right now, come help me please?? Her sentence was interrupted by a terrified scream.
?Please leave me alone, I just wanna get home, I can give you money, take my wallet and phone!?
I hear the sounds of running and the sounds of a struggle, and her terrified screams to let me know she?s in trouble.
Then it?s just heavy breathing, and his words, best left unsaid. After 20 more seconds, the line goes dead.

I play the final voicemail, and I don?t know what I expected, but her voice on the line is surprisingly collected.
She tells me she loves me and it?s not my fault, but I know i should?ve drove her and she should not have walked.
She tells me she?s cold and she wishes I was with her, to hold her for last breaths, to squeeze her hand and kiss her.
She tells me how she?s not really ready to die, and she?s afraid of what?s waiting on the other side.
I can hear her last breaths, her accepting her death, then I hear sirens in the distance and I have to disconnect.


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