Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Easy Listening

This song was created for Game of Bands round 36 : "Theme of 3"


Listen as the crooner
Sings it smooth and slow
Be a good consumer
Just enjoy the show
Blues and punk and bebop
Reggae, rock and rap
Only give you headaches
What you need is sap

Easy listening music
Lightens up the load
That's the way I like it
Middle of the road
Negative emotion
Hasn't got a place
Warm and tender love songs
Calm the human race

Love's a bed of roses,
A box of chocolates too
Love is for forever
Love is only you
Love's a tiny kitten
Love's a cuddly pup
When I sing about it
Folks start tearing up

Easy listening music
Like it used to be
Back before Al Qaeda
And reality TV
Back before the Prozac
And the fall of AIG
Sentimental love songs
Sung for you and me

In the elevator
Just your girl and I
I'm singing to her softly
Floors are passing by
Later in the evening
She's in ecstasy
She's clinging to you tightly
But she's thinking about me


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