Two weeks to take a song from conception to completion to competition!

Pinot Noir

This song was created for Game of Bands round 36 : "Theme of 3"


Verse 1
Sipping wine, she's wondering if she should be running
A candlelit mansion; post-dinner intentions?
Headspins-her heart's racing can't breathe, vision fading,
Sees his laughing visage: 'Are you enjoying the vintage?'

He finishes the dinner and snuffs out the candles
And carries her out of the room by her ankles
A shame to waste Pinot but she had insisted
Imagine the chaos if she had resisted

The latest addition to his prized collection
Ageless examples of human perfection
Poison had killed her without any scar
The taste on her lips of his good Pinot Noir

Verse 2
She put on her best dress now she's wearing tatters
The room that she's in is a gallery of splatters
A poor soul looking in might have guessed this is hell or
The room in the back of his private wine cellar

Examines his work as he says 'I should frame you
I had to preserve you before aging could claim you'
He sips at his wine and he drinks in her image
So proud of himself, he's enjoying her vintage

Chorus 2
He cooks the next dinner and picks out the candles
And waits for a call from the phone by the mantle
Awaiting a sweet voice, the next confirmation
Knowing she won't resist his invitation

The coming addition to his prized collection
Ageless examples of human perfection
This time he stirs poison with swill from the bar
Glad he's not wasting his good Pinot Noir


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